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Body treatments

Mita uses high quality green Tea Tree Warm Wax to hygienically and effectively remove hair.

Green Tea Warm Wax removes hair right from the roots, the hair takes longer to grow back. With repeated use of Green Tea Warm Wax, the results last for weeks and hair regrowth appears finer.

Additionally Green Tea Tree warm wax melts at a lower temperature so is cooler on the skin, causes little or no irritation and improved cohesion qualities, resulting in smoother less irritated skin.

Half leg                                  £15
Full leg                                   £22
Full leg & bikini                      £27
Bikini                                       £9
Brazilian bikini                       £14
Hollywood bikini                   £23
Under arm                               £10
Forearm                                  £12
Full arm                                  £16
Back or Chest                        £20

Indian Head Massage is an ancient art. Its origins lie in the traditional Indian system of medicine known as Ayurveda, the most ancient form of healing.

The head massage Mita performs has many benefits for both physical and mental health. The relief of stress alone can alleviate many symptoms, such as headaches/migraine, high blood pressure, muscle aches, insomnia, sinusitus, indigestion, poor concentration and anxiety.

Head Massage


Full body massage                        £45

Aromatherapy body massage      £55

Back, neck and shoulders            £30

Indian head massage
(head and scalp)                            £30

Back Treatment

Deep cleanse, tone & exfoliate,
followed by a relaxing massage  £35

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